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The crest logo was designed by my student, Walter Sebring.

It symbolizes the teachings and principles that I used from my experiences in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and mixed martial arts to create my own style.

The spear and dagger represent the ability to overcome any opponent through adaptation; this is the most valuable principle of what I teach. In simpler terms, you select the right weapon for the right job. Part of jiu Jitsu is feeling the weakest point in someone’s style and attacking it; take the path of least resistance. 


The kanji on the left means no style, or no form. There are no preset patterns that you have to blindly adhere to. You adjust in the moment. The kanji on the right means just flow. The concept of ‘flow’ is uncovering the pathway, in Jiu Jitsu as well as inside yourself, through mastering your emotional scale. This creates an environment of rapid improvement and growth. Genuine spiritual experiences happen in a flow state and it must be felt to understand; thoughtless action. Most practitioners never reach flow state because of thier own emotional content, regardess of skill.


The Est. 2003 is in reference to the year I became a big part of, which was originally the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique website of its time. Founded by Rick Estrada, we were also the first site to host Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie 1.


The upside-down triangle at the top of the crest represents Apex Jiu Jitsu & Jeremy Williams, my former jujitsu instructor who passed away tragically andwhose teachings and traditions I continue to uphold. 


The lotus flower represents the constant pursuit for a higher consciousness (the crown chakra), and the goal of spiritual enlightenment. I develop complete martial artists not bullies. In this system, when a person progresses physically they must also progress mentally and emotionally. Developing the person as a whole into a complete martial artist and not just the technical movements of martial arts. 

Lotus flower representing constant pursuit for a higher consciousness
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